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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Notes From Aboveground

Greetings from the NYC Transit Strike 2005! About 30 minutes ago, I almost ran over a dude on roller skates in my mother's VW Bug.

I, like an ass, decided that, after a full day of working from home (complete with the requisite 2 pm Bloody Mary), I would get in the car at 4:15 to try to drive into the city to see my best friend in the delivery recovery room at St. Vincent's (congratulations, U!). Bad idea jeans. After snaking my way through residential Williamsburg, assaulted on all sides by speeding minivans, darting Hasidic children wearing all black, and the aforementioned (and intriguing) roller skating populace of East Williamsburg, I got in line for the bridge entrance, happily listening to my iPod and smoking Parliaments with the heat blasting. 20 minutes later, I resignedly swung my car to the exit lane of the BQE, glancing forlornly at the barricaded bridge entrance on my left, and began my winding journey back to the parking spot I had abandoned only 40 minutes before. Sigh.

But that's just my minor saga. I feel much worse for those that did one or more of the following today:

  • walked over a bridge or bridges in 27 degree weather
  • hitched rides with malodorous individuals in vehicles of questionable safety
  • paid $20 to share a cab from 44th Street to 21st
  • stressed to get to a place of business that depended on clients making it in (hair salons, doctor's offices, etc.), only to find all clients had cancelled
  • weren't able or allowed to work from home

Sometimes, English Majors that live in Brooklyn get a break. Strike on, suckers!


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